>> Reportage on National Channel: VTV1, VTV3, VTV4 (English), VTV6.


  • Hanoikids are honoured to find our activities in a number of reportage by various national channels. Hanoikids Club was reported to contribute significantly to create a bridge between foreign tourists and local people. All the reportage agreed that Hanoikids was an ideal place for students to sharpen English, learn and preserve traditional culture.
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  • The name “Hanoikids” also appears on many prestigious domestic newspapers such as NhanDan, TienPhong, VnExpress, ThanhNien, etc.
  • Our club is regarded as “an absolute must to contact” on Telegraph and “an innovative concept” on CNN.



Hanoikids Tour is recommended by the famous Lonely Planet.
“Also recommended is Hanoikids (, a student-run organization that partners visitors with Hanoikids teens and young adults wishing to improve their English-language skills.”


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I was a bit reluctant at first when my friends suggested that we roped in the HanoiKids as our tour guide, preferring to explore on our on to avoid the hassle and time restraints of having to follow a tour schedule. But I was wrong. The HanoiKids tour are innovative and informative, fun, very flexible and a great way to interact and compare cultures especially if you are coming from another country in the South East Asia. The young guides that we got, Mim and Trang speaks fluent English and are both credits to their society.
If you wish to book their tour, i would advice that you book early as their tour guides are quite popular (did i mention that it’s free?).. 🙂 Also i was advice that tourists should book from their official website to avoid being conned by fake tour agency that used their popularity to sell their own tours.

When we prebooked our tour, giving a list of things we would like to do, we were not entirely sure what to expect. But it was absolutely fabulous. We had Ha and Tien and they were just wonderful. Were at our hotel on time, their knowledge excellent and the whole tour went smoothly and was very enjoyable. It was not just about the sights, loved the egg coffee. Wonderful organisation, we have another half day tour booked on our return to Hanoi and are very much looking forward to repeating the experience. Just a note be sure you get the correct the website as there are apparently some fake ones around.

I have no idea why this kind of organization hasn’t sprung up all over the world – perhaps it has but I’ve not come across it before! For us, a group of four, the day we spent with our two ambassadors was a highlight of our trip. As a teacher of English I am used to talking to students on a daily basis and perhaps that made the whole experience more comfortable for me, but my husband and friends were equally charmed by our guides. They were knowledgeable and fun to be with. Their English was good and they were extremely helpful. The best part was asking them to find us a good restaurant and order us the food they thought we should taste. We ended up sharing facebook details and becoming firm friends.

At first we were not sure if this was our type of thing so were not too disappointed whe reply said they were booked out. A last minute vacancy however allowed us to experience a unique and very pleasant morning. First morning in Hanoi after a late night arrival we had a taste of pho,fresh beer,learnt the art of crossing the road as well as visiting some interesting Hanoi landmarks all with the help of a couple of friendly locals, Sunny and Mama (Hanoi kiids nicknames) whospoke great english. Will definitely do again if we come back to Hanoi.


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