Tour FAQs

1. How can I book a tour?

    • Send an email to our Tour Organization Department at
    • Use online booking function on the page Book a tour on our Homepage
    • Please note that all booking on our homepage or email to any other mail box will be forwarded to our Tour Operation Department so it will be more convenient if you send your request directly to


2. How do I know if my booking is accepted?

  • You will receive an email clearly confirming the time and place for us to pick you up and we will expect a reply of confirmation from you. Please stay in touch until we reach a final agreement.
  • For those bookings by the online booking form: Please note that you will receive an automatic replying e-mail immediately. This does not mean that your tour has been successfully booked. It just confirms that we have received your booking and we will contact you as soon as possible for all acceptance and arrangements of your tour.


3. How do I know my booking details are secure?

    You can rest assured that your personal data is used only for the purpose of the tour. Beside encrypting each booking via SSL protocol, we take all measures required to keep all your personal data secured.


4. Is there anything I am expected to do during the tour?

    Please open yourself to travel-mates.. Our members join Hanoikids with the view to improve their English and have memorable experiences, so it will be wonderful if you can talk to us like we are friends.


5. Do we have to pay for anything?

    Only for taxis, entrance tickets into the sites you visit and meals, should any of them be included in the tour.


6. Can we pay for the tour guides?

    No. All the money you give the travel-mates will be taken as a contribution for the club. Your contribution will be used for our annual activities to train the members and organize events to bring the club’s members closer.


7. Does Hanoikids offer tours in languages other than English?

    No. For now, we have only English-speaking members. We are working to increase the variety of languages in our tours and should provide tours in other languages in the near future.


8. Does Hanoikids offer tours in places other than Hanoi?

    Yes. We offer tours to some of the famous craft villages on the outskirts of Hanoi. If you want our companion to further places, please send in your request 2-4 weeks in advance so that we can arrange the tour. Please understand, howerver, to special requests like that, our information is limited and we can help you mostly in term of language.