Here you can find simple tips that help you understand more about Hanoikids free tours.

  • Make sure you sent your booking request to Hanoikids authentic email address:
  • It is advisable you book the tour as soon as possible so we have more time to arrange the tour.
  • Be patient and check your email frequently while communicating with us via email as in most cases you are asked to confirm the tour.
  • Even if you are put in the waiting list, chance is that you will still be provided with the tour if we have enough members confirming to do tour on that day. So you had better check your email regularly in case we have a spare tour.
  • The number of members assigned for each tour, if adequate, depends on the number of pax.
  • The starting time suggested is 9am & 2pm (for city tour) and 6pm (for food tour)  but you could always adjust to the best fitted schedule.
  • The itinerary is also flexible and you can certainly discuss with our members to draw the nicest plan.
  • Finally if you like the tour with us, do not hesitate to recommend us to other tourists to Hanoi.