Information seminar is the event marking the beginning of Hanoikids’ recruitment season. Attending the seminar, candidates will have the opportunity to understand profoundly about Hanoikids and have their questions answered by Internal Relations department, who take the main responsibility of recruiting new members for the club.

Students from many universities in Hanoi attended IS1
Students from many universities in Hanoi attended IS1

Despite unfavorable weather last Saturday 22 February, over 80 “Kid-wanna-bes” from all around Hanoi showed up on time. The event kicked off at 5:30 with the beatifully sweet performance from the “kid” Trung Dzai. It was followed by a warm-up game to break the ice, which required 4 players to be divided in pairs to ask and answer questions about Hanoikids as quickly as they can.

Then came the main part of the seminar – The charming MC Huyen Chau led the audiences through the path of development of Hanoikids, from the past to present, as well as the achievements of generations of “kids”. The culture and spirit of the club in general and the members in particular were brought about in simple but full of emotion way.

Game "Act it out" to check students' culture vocabulary
Game “Act it out” to check students’ culture vocabulary

Guests’ sharing with Minh Duc (Skye) – one of the “Super-kid” and Ngoc Huyen (Hallerie) – Best newbie of Fall 2013 recruitment attracted considerable attention of the attendees. Through their personal stories in the applying process, together with fascinating touring experience, the guests had, one way or another, inspired the candidates and given them more motivation to make the right choice of their student life of joining Hanoikids.

The last but most anticipated part of the event was when the information about Hanoikids Spring Recruitment 2014 was officially announced. Candidates had the chance to raise questions for the representative of Internal Relations department, Ms. Huyen Anh.

Information seminar 1 came to an end with great excitement and eagerness from both the organisers and candidates.

Hanoikids Club would like to take the time to especially thank Summit and E-Quest for sponsoring our 2014 Spring Recruitment. We would also like to show our appreciation to Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam for providing us with the venue. It is with all your help and generosity that our event are a success, signaling a spectacular recruitment season.

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