Information seminar 2 (IS2) on March 5 at Banking Academy is, as usual, one of the two seminars organized by Hanoikids’ Public Relation Department (PR Dept) to promote for Spring Recruitment 2014. Its primary objectives are placed on providing an official and thorough introduction about the club in general and this recruitment in particular, together with inspiring non-kids to apply for membership. Lasting for approximately 2 hours, the events successfully went through 4 main sessions consisting of 2 games, Guesses` Stories and QnA at the end.

Despite the gloomy wet weather, it is a sincere pleasure to acknowledge that more than 100 attendants including kids showed up, enthusiastically enjoyed the program and stayed till the last seconds.
With a prior intention to heat up the atmosphere, the event started with a cheerful performance from a new voice of Hanoikids, Mi Moc in “Girl on fire” (Alicia Keys). Inspite of the technical problem taking away the beat music, our singer shined on the stage with a strong voice and a confident performing manner, which ended up earning a great deal of admiration and support from the audience.

Mi Moc - Girl on fire
Mi Moc – Girl on fire

The spirit was continuously elevated higher with a warm-up game named Act-it-out, which literally indicates the rule that competitiors had to without saying use all sorts of body twists so that their teams could link to the correct given words. As can be observed, everyone was attracted into the flow of the game with the two teams on the stage. Some laughed out loud hardly and even stood up for some of the most hilarious words: pole dancing and milking the cow.
The next part of the event is as usual devoted to introducing about Hanoikids.

Game -
Game – Act It Out

However, what is innovative in this Information Seminar is the information is presented in form of a game called “The Amazing Race”. All the non-kids divided in 10 groups in a very short time took the most advantage of their hi-tech devices googling at much correct information as possible about one of the 5 given aspects of Hanoikids: General information, Training, Tours, Internal Activities, Achievements, Hanoikids on media and Projects. Those of the same question competed against each other. President Nguyen Thi Le Quyen was the judge, scored the answer and decided the winner of the two. However, in the end, every participants got a snack as a prize while watching a brief clip giving an overall look about the club in the concept that Hanoikids is a developing country and recruitment is a visa processing occasion.

Game -
Game – The Amazing Race

The active time then gave way for a Guesses’ Stories and QnA. Coming this time are 2 special citizens: Renz (Đường Hồng Anh) and Nở (Phạm Linh Huệ). RenZ became a kid when he was still in high school in 2009, probably the youngest citizen in Hanoikids`s history. More remarkably, he is also the youngest citizen ever assigned the position of Hanoikids President. The other guest Nở is a new kid from the last fall recruitment 2013. Both came to share inspriring stories about their ways of becoming a kid and how Hanoikids has changed their life in a unique way just like the concept of this time “Be a kid, be you-nique”. The last part was dedicated for a representative from Internal Department which is in charge of the recruitment process to one more time officially inform the agenda of Spring Recruitment 2014 and answer questions as well as clarify wondering from non-kids. The event ended by a funny clip on Tips for non-kids sending everyone home in laughters.

Guests' Sharing : Renz and Nở
Guests’ Sharing – Renz and Nở

Last but not least, PR Department on behalf of Hanoikids English Voluntary Club wishes to present thankful words to both non-kids and kids for your contribution and participation to build up the success of the event.

Hanoikids Kingdom
Hanoikids Kingdom

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