Do you believe in Doomsday? Hanoikids does not. Because we made up a plan in advance for the night called “The reunion day” which took place on December 30th 2012.

“The reunion day” – the last event of Hanoikids in year 2012, is a fantastic chance for every kid to come back to our beloved family. Routinely held by Internal Relation Department (IR), it was a well-organized composition of music, comedies, dances, games, sharing and love in a cozy and delighted room at Hanoi Elementary School. “I didn’t think it was such a big room like this, I swear. It was supposed to be an ordinary primary school, but it turned out to be otherwise! I feel free to run, to jump, and to do whatever I want to! It’s really amazing in the way that “science can’t capture”” said Nguyen Bach.

Having prepared the whole process, IR members were the very first to show up at the venue. Keeping the high spirit through rehearsal and many poses in photos, they still held everything in track and ready for bombing. When the clock hit 7pm, we were all invited some sweet foods in case someone might feel hungry. How thoughtful!

The party began with a clip, which featured many “old” Kids being invited to the party with cordial postcards or emails from Hanoikids. On stage first was an amusing song performed by Toe and Gau, which totally warmed up the atmosphere.

Its follow-up was a summary of all activities and achievements of the club throughout 2012. It was time to look back on our successful year with many milestones: Treasure Hunting, Recruitments, Pro Travel-mate by Training department; 2 PR campaign for Recruitments, Chronicle project, Trial-tour report contest, etc. from PR department; tons of internal events of Hanoikids by IR department; the striking success in acquiring Hanoi Elegance group as the exclusive sponsor for the Fall Recruitment and budget investor for the next one by External Relation Department; and Tour Operation Department’s daily mission to keep tour operation running smoothly.

The first ice-breaking game broke away the coldness, both literally and figuratively. 10 “kids” were divided into 2 groups. 2 kids from each team were keepers, and other 3 were seekers. The mission was to find the balloons elsewhere in the room and take them back to the keepers, who were responsible for holding them in 1 minute. The team Girl defeat the team Boy by a small margin and earned a big applause from the audiences.

The stage was then left for a“famous” boy band “STREET”, who bombed the room with the new hit “Son Tinh, ThuyTinh – Kids version”. It was such a funny dramatic story that cheered up all “kids”, which also proved their “notorious” style.

Finally, everyone stayed silent watching a video of “Fortune-telling”, which was plotted sophisticatedly in both script and characters. Starring Internal Relations Department members, the video envisaged a storming year with a lot of struggles ahead and put forward solutions to overcome them in a funny, relaxing, and impressive way. Everyone got carried away with the video in which the fortune teller mentioned every side of Hanoikids from an optimistic point of view and cracked all the room.

At the end, the stage turned into a disco floor. We danced, we jumped, and we swayed. Everything was a far cry from what is thought to be a “Kid”. There was no longer distance between old and new generations. “Everybody said Hanoikids is likened to a house where each department is a small room. For me, Hanoikids is simply a cozy family, with only 2 rooms. Beside the small restroom, the big room is where we’re all living together, to share, to give, to love and even more.” told Duong Hong Anh – President of Hanoikids.

A simple Thank you is not enough to express our gratitude to Internal Department for holding such an unforgettable event for us, even though it was crazily busy exams period. As time flies, memories stay. Lots of fun and memories marked the end of the year! Everyone was looking forward the promising New Year 2013!

So keep calm and stay happy together tonight! We love Hanoikids, Hanoikids love you!

[author] [author_image timthumb=’on’][/author_image] [author_info]Written by Tắm Chậu – PR Department[/author_info] [/author]

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