Hanoi is very cold now, right? Yes, but Hanoikids’ members do not feel cold anymore! Since ‘Reunion day’ which was held at night in 28th December 2014 has warmed us up by bringing us back home.

Our last event in the year 2014 has closed down the whole length of road that Hanoikids’s members had walked through together and opened up a stage ahead for us to go. Reunion day made a great chance for every kid to come back to our lovely home. Once again being held by Internal Relation Department, it brought every kid from smiles to laughs, from romantic to exciting moments. Stepping into the room, it was like stepping into another place in the world, where there is no more cold winds but only heat of a fever. We are at home now!

The atmosphere became hot quickly even how cold the outside was being.

Space is not really large but it is enough for kids to play games, to dance and to share a lot of sweet things. Some sharing and wishes from oldies of HNKS who are far away from Hanoi made every kid, especially newbies, feel our home is much more precious than ever. Not only that, some oldies also won the recognition for their effort, their contribution.

We have our Hanoikids at this developing stage thank for contributions of every kid.

Moreover we were also invited to have some snack too. Everything made us feel really warm, from outside to inside, from stomach to heart. Thank to Internal Relation Department, thank you for bringing us these precious moments.

Kids do not feel cold anymore, because we are at home now!