Following the last three successful culture puzzles, on January 15th, 2017, Hanoikids proudly held the 4th culture puzzle: Lì Xì (Lunar New Year custom of Blessing exchange).

Left behind the bone-touching evening, Vietnamese students and foreign tourists showed up very early before the event began; and in a cosy atmosphere fulfilled with passion and love from the bottom of “kids’ hearts”, there would be no perfect venue than Toong Coworking Space.


Climbing step by step on an old stairs, walking through antique doors following the French design called art-deco, the guests showed on their faces the excitement about this cultural exchange.

After the warm greeting in Vietnamese style from the two lovely MCs, the guests were divided into four groups. Breaking down the wall of shyness, all of them got to know each other through a warm-up game, and together watched the video introducing about the Tết holiday and Lì Xì. Different from the three last culture puzzles, this time, Hanoikids created a brand-new style of presentation as a form of a drama to show the history, cultural meanings as well as special symbols on Lì Xì. The guests felt more interested in getting to know the Lunar New Year custom of Blessing exchange, and in the Q&A section, they also felt free to raise many questions to the MCs and speakers. Then, a review-info game was designed to embed everything the guests received in their memories, Hanoikids believes they came home with wider understanding about this Vietnamese custom

The event flowed with a extremely amazing game about Ô mai – a tasty refreshment of Hanoi, which is made of dried, salted fruits. Thanks to a kind sponsor Hồng Lam, in this game, the guests had a chance of tasting many flavors of Ô mai and guessed the names of those. To win the game, the competitors need to be as fast as possible not only in guessing the name related to the Ô mai given, but also in submitting the answers to the judge. Mr. Peter Yarrow – a teacher from Hanoi university, claimed: “In Britain we don’t have such amazing refreshment like this, so this is the first time I have a chance to try. The taste blew me away immediately because it was so strong and wonderful, all flavors come together so naturally and incredibly. I am totally satisfied and impressed.”


Turning to the last game, all the guests received a chance to make the traditional style Lì Xì for their own with all the decoration prepared by the organizers. Cutting and sticking Lì Xì with glue seemed to be the hardest part of the game because everyone wanted to create the perfect ones. After thirty minutes completely focusing on the game, all the guests proudly showed their beautiful Lì Xì with smiling radiant faces. There was no winner for this game because there is no basic standard for making Lì Xì, all of them are meaningful, which contain the wish for the best and love for people they care and for the new year.

The success of this Culture Puzzle gave Hanoikids’ team more motivations for the upcoming workshop.