“KNC7: By the Lilies”, a romatic short about fine art with interesting discoveries about one of the most famous modern Vietnamese paintings.

Producer: KNC — Kids’ News Channel

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Songs used in this film:

  • (Music – We do not own the rights to the songs at anytime)
  • Guns n Roses, Sweet Child o Mine
  • Sungha Jung, Perfect Blue
  • Bùi Thu Nga, Đêm mơ Hà Nội
  • Guns n Roses, November Rain
  • X-Japan, Forever Love, Piano cover by Sek
  • Titanic theme, Nearer my God to Thee, Harp Cover by Bonnie Harper
  • S.E.N.S, Palace Memories
  • Ulli Boegershausen, Secret Story
  • Mogwai – Take me to somewhere nice
  • Kenji Ito, Shiro Hamaguchi; Diamond in my heart, Piano cover by Delldongo Fabrice
  • Two step from hell – I love you forever
  • Dịu dàng này, piano cover
  • Hà Kin, Ngày từ đêm trắng sinh ra
  • Two Steps from Hell, Eyes Closing

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