What does a “graduation ceremony” evoke in your mind? Emotive speeches, shiny gowns and mortarboards in the air?

It is not the case for Hanoikids Newbie graduation ceremony which is known as Kids’ Got Talent. This is an annually-held competition among 4 groups of new members signifying the final event of their intensive two-month training course, the final challenge to their talents and team spirit.

This time, every group took the stage with great self-confidence and it was such a meeting of minds when the all four decided to exhibit their performance skills by musicals bearing the stamp of diverse creativity.

Before the show, G3 caught all attendants’ attention with hospital costumes and an extra-sized syringe they brought to the event. Then everyone’s curiosity was satisfied when their enactment began. A mime revolves around a triangle love as a nasty trick the fate plays on three characters: a patient at the psychiatric hospital, a charming girl and a filthy rich playboy. After a series of obstacles, G3 dramatic magic helps consummate a happy ending for the mental guy and his girl. Their best acting instrument was not the well-prepared items but the characters’ body languages and facial expressions to get their love message across.

G3: A triangle love

G3’s Performance

G2 blew a totally fresh air to the venue with a mix of comedy and their own cover of a Vietnamese old hit “Panic” (Hoang mang). The performance vividly portrayed the group’s first-hand experience as Hanoikids new members through fictionalized bad-mannered and lazy newbies’ complaints about demanding tasks along the training course. The hilarious tailor-made lyrics went so well with the original melody which made us feel it was nowhere near a cover but their own music production.

G4: The couple with arranged marriage

G4’s Performance

Another love story, brought to us by G4, had a classic setting: the parents’ close relationship leading to an arranged marriage for their babies. Growing up, they face the twists and turns of fate when the boy falls for another….guy. Then true love gives him strength to leave behind all dogmas, parents’ expectations and the fiancée to purchase what he really treasures. However that serious content was delivered by funny acts, also a well-done combination of a short beautiful song and a catchy dance. So actually we laughed a lot.

G2’s Performance

Switching through a variety of mood swings after 3 performances, were the oldies still excited for one more mini drama? Yes. We just couldn’t resist falling in love with so cute G1 in high school uniforms. Without thrilling details, yet their story made our memories of high school time come flooding back. Thanks G1 for such a chance, we saw ourselves among the characters, with naughty mischief, childish and pure feelings…

G1’s Performance

But that was the only part entitling the groups to beforehand preparation. Afterwards, the oldies took part in the next rounds with the newbies. The first game required high team spirit and quick-mindedness as each group had to adopt any possible posture to have exactly the same number of hands and feet announced on ground. There was no embarrassment among the old and new members; they did not bother to jump on each other’s hands or backs as long as they could get scores! Next to that dynamic teamwork activity, the four groups entered a battle of wits with the knowledge test. But it was not only the matter of correct or incorrect answers; the fight for the first signal to answer was fierce! Luckily, that game marked the last challenge consuming up the newbies’ energy and mentality. They deserved to take a break and enjoy a traditional Japanese dance Yosakoi specially prepared by the newbie – buddy couple Skye and Quyen Nguyen Le (Hanoikids incumbent president). Surprisingly, their performance burned up the whole venue with vigorous groundbreaking steps together with feisty movements. They really imbued us with youth flames and enthusiasm, which made it astonishing that they crammed that impressive dance into 10 min lunch break! Awsome Quyen and Skye, we all could not take our eyes off you!


Skye and Quyen’s Yosakoi Dance

Finally, there came the long-awaited moment. All held their breath savoring every word from Kaze, Head of Training Department, pronouncing the official members.
And all of the newbies made it!
The results about group contest came out shortly. G2 achieved “The most wanted group” for their video with the most votes from the oldies. But it’s G1 that exploded with sheer bliss when they were singled out to be “The most talented group”.

G1: The most talented group
G2: The most wanted group

Kids’ got talent came to an end, somehow leaving a pinch of regret in our hearts. You newbies have proved to be enthusiastic and that determined rookies, strict rules and arduous workload during training course couldn’t discourage you. Without acting classes couldn’t prevent you from shining on the stage….Then I bet there is no reason we oldies doubt whether you stay by Hanoikids’ side to the end.

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