It was an incredibly hot afternoon that I began my third quarter with my partner, Tom by welcoming a lovely Australian family coming from Sydney. Skipping other sites, we decided to visit Museum of Ethnology, where they foster greater understanding about Vietnamese people lives in different ethnic groups and areas, stretching from the North to the South.


I was astonished to hear that their kids know that Vietnam was under Chinese and French control and at war with United States. “Kids should learn about the life, should know what’s going on now”, said Mr.Cris. I did admire the parents’ way to inspire and encourage the learning habit of children by asking a lot of reflecting questions, which help them, memorized the learned information.

It was a nice tour though and I wish they have the best time in Vietnam.

Member in charge: Thân Việt Anh
Written by Thân Việt Anh

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