When being asked about the most memorable moments in the journey of being a Kid, a lot of Hanoikids members would say, it is the Basic Training course. This was when they started their Kids’ lives as newbies, received the warmly welcomes from all the oldies and learnt to be little ambassadors of Hanoi with a heart full of love and excitement.

In Basic Training, all the newbies are divided into 4 different groups. After 6 weeks of sharing every moment together, they become close friends from complete strangers. They can even get closer, since they will be given a chain of challenges at the end of the course. As a tradition, new members have to make a video and prepare a performance following a particular theme to compare with other groups. Their videos are voted online by the oldies, and the performances will be given in Kids’ Got Talent, the event that marks the end of the Basic Training course.


This year, the long awaited Kids’ Got Talent took place last Sunday, the 11th of December in a lovely primary school venue, with the participation of many oldies. This time, the theme of the event was ‘Boomerang’, which was given by the Training Department.

Coming to the show, all the four groups have prepared their performances very carefully, which were amazing mashups and choreography. However, the 3 hilarious judges and the audience were most impressed by the fascinating performance of Group 4. It was a rap battle and role play telling a story about these two guys who compete for the girl of their dream.

Each of the groups was assessed based on their performances and the scores of the game they attended afterwards. The results were then announced with Group 1 winning “The Most Wanted Group” for their terrific video, and the fantastic performance have brought to Group 4 “The Most Talented Group” award. They are deserved rewards to prove the great effort that the 2 Groups have made to prepare for Kids’ Got Talent. Group 3 was also the winner of “Capsule It Up”, which is an internal activity, organized by PR Department, to help newbies spread their memories of the Basic Training course.


Kids’ Got Talent is not only an event for the new members, but also the gathering opportunities for the oldies to feel nostalgic when thinking back on their own Kids’ Got Talent show, and to treasure the experiences and memories they have had with the second family, Hanoikids.

Another Kids’ Got Talent has passed and marked the beginning of the precious journey of 38 new members, the generation after 10 years of magnificent pages of Hanoikids’ history.