Another year has passed before we can warmly welcome another generation of newbies to our lovely house Hanoikids.

The “Kids’ Got Talent” show, which took place on Dec 13th, marked the finish of the 2015 Fall Recruitment and also the graduation of 48 young students from across the city after a basic training course.

Dec 13th was definitely a Sunday to remember for all of us. The weather was thankfully warm on that day and the show started early in the afternoon. Following the tradition of the club, 48 newbies were divided into four groups, each of whom had roughly two weeks to produce a short video clip and choreograph a performance following the theme “Déjà Vu”. As the four very unique and creative video clips have already been widely celebrated on the Internet, the live performances became the most anticipated part of the show.

The followings are some photos taken while the groups were performing. Group 1 was delivering a self-written story while others were dancing along mashup songs.




Kids’ Got Talent is not only an event for the new members but also the gathering opportunity for the ‘oldies’ – what we call ourselves after one year of official membership – to feel nostalgic when thinking back on their own Kids’ Got Talent show and to treasure the experiences and memories they have had with the second family, Hanoikids.


Each of the groups was assessed based on their performances and the scores of the games they attended afterwards. The results were then announced with Group 4 winning “The most wanted Group” prize and “The most talented Group” prize went to Group 1. Group 4 is also the winner of “Capsule It Up”, which is an internal activity organized to help the newbies spread their memories of the Basic Training course.


Last but never the least was the moment went all Hanoikids members, from all generations tried our best to squeeze in one traditional post-event club photo.

IMG_0183 (1)

Another Kids’ Got Talent has passed and marked the beginning of Hanoikids journey for many other members, we hope the event will forever be in your mind and wish you will keep on inspiring all the young generations to come