“Graduated. I’m an official Kid now!!!!!! Yes, today I played, I danced, I sang, I partied. It was absolutely so much fun!”. It is what our newbie- Spoon (Gờ 2) bared her heart about the event last weekend (Sunday 2nd Dec 2012)- Kids’ Got Talent (KGT) held by Training Department of Hanoikids.
Routinely, the KGTs ingrained in every Kid as the closing ceremonies of training courses, where showcases the talents and passions of new members.


This year’s Fall Recruitment is not an exception. Venue in a cozy tiny room, everyone got better chance to know each other. In the middle of the room there laid out 4 figures representing 4 groups: Prison Kids, Pokémon Kids, Kids In Black and Zombie Kids. While Training were preparing for the show to guarantee things smooth, the newbies even showed more anxious doing the rehearsals. When the clock hit 2 pm, everything readied to bomb!

The contest was warmed up with 12 questions from Round 1 centering on common knowledge, featuring a few question-plugged videos (which were exactly what I defined “humor”). All did well and scored their very first points. The climax of KGT, however, must be the performances which cost every Gờ lots of efforts and brains preparing and practicing.

Group 1


We all felt victim to Gờ 1’s charms with their oeuvre- cover “My Heart Will Go On” that I imagined if Celine Dion had been there, she for sure would have given the loudest applause. The combination of different music instruments: organ and violin and a beautiful voice by newie Li-e captivate even the pickiest tastes.

Group 2


If Gờ 1 brought us something artistic, Gờ 2 refreshed the atmosphere with their feverish dance. Starting up slow with the duet of Lucky (a hit by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat), they boiled the whole room by their flash-mob Stronger (Kelly Clarkson) and then this year’s summer anthem Good Time (Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen). The audiences were all like feeding frenzy singing along “ We don’t even have to try- It’s always a good time”.

Group 3


There came Gờ 3’s turn when they impressed us with their opera “The Sleeping Prince”. The idea that they replaced the original “Princess” by creative “Prince” challenged every best play wrighters. Led the audiences into their opera by romantic background music “ Kiss The Rain” (Yiruma), Gờ 3 got everyone stick to their thrilling and funny plot!

Group 4


Gờ 4 proved to be a tough rival, covering the song Nobody (Wonder Girls) and Baby (Justin Bieber ft. Ludacris) in a guitar theme, supported by an amateur yet talented beatboxer, rapper- newbie Steve. Their last song “What Makes You Beautiful” (One Direction) was a huge success when all of us oldies and newbies en masse hit the stage.

We dance, we laughed, we then….returned to our seats waiting for the final result.

Result? Should I mention it here as the organizers reached their ultimate goal “Every group becomes a family”? It was a thumping victory for Training. After all, every trainee finished their 2-month training course with, I suppose, a lot of fun and beautiful memories remained. They were then official members and contributed their enthusiasm and vigor to the club! A very promising future for Hanoikids.

And the winners of the contest, who cares?

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Written by Frank – PR Department

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