Information Seminar – An event that you can not miss

“WOW, Hanoikids is recruiting new members now. But I don’t understand much about it. Will I have to pay for traveling fee, restaurant bill when doing tours? Will I start to be a travel-mate after passing the Personal Interview round? Is joining Hanoikids worth my time and effort? …”

There are a lot of questions on Hanoikids buzzing around in your head. You need more information to support your decision. Or simply you want to get more motivation for yourself.

Information Seminar 2 - Fall Recruitment 2014
Information Seminar 2 – Fall Recruitment 2014

Information Seminar, an event starting Hanoikids recruitment seasons, is what you need most now. The general information of Hanoikids will be brought to you in a simple way, which may help you imagine what you will do after becoming an official member of our club. Moreover all the common misunderstandings that candidates usually have about Hanoikids will be pointed out and cleared up. What’s more? The information about Hanoikids Spring Recruitment will be officially announced, and only here can you have your questions answered by the Internal Relations Department which takes responsible for recruiting new members.

Sorry for the long introduction above. Don’t waste any more time and register for the IS now.



– LANGUAGE: Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt)


IS1: 5 pm, 22/2/2014

IS2: 5.30pm, 5/3/2014


IS1: Room P701 – Building A – Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam, 69 Chua Lang street, Hanoi. Map

IS2: Hanoi University of  Science and Technology (expected). The official venue will be informed here 2 day before the event

– WHO CAN JOIN? these events are open for everyone




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