Here we are in one of the most anticipated events of Hanoikids – Spring Recruitment 2017! Twice a year, we are more than honored to welcome students in Hanoi to join our club, which will starts their journey not only as little ambassadors of Hanoi, but also as members of our beloved family.



It is no exaggeration to claim that joining Hanoikids is a life-changing experience to many of our members. Getting to know your own city might sound strange, but you will soon be startled by Hanoi’s cultural and historical beauty once you’ve joined us. In addition, you will be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue your interests like English, traveling, culture discovering and so on, while contributing positively to the society. Above all, Hanoikids is not just an usual club, but rather your second home where you can freely exchange ideas, make new friends and be part of a welcomed, creative and passionate social network. So do not hesitate to apply and become a Kid!

Hanoikids offers to its members endless opportunities to develope themselves, to “grow old but never grow apart”:

  • A unique environment which boosts your English communication skills and satisfies your interest in discovering different cultures;
  • An insight into culture, history, cuisine… of Hanoi. You will play an ambassador’s role in delivering Hanoi’s hidden charm to foreigners;
  • Experiences in dealing with multi-cultured situations;
  • A chance of getting to know amazing friends from all over the world who are always willing to welcome you when you consider traveling abroad;
  • Expand your social network to students from different universities in Hanoi who share your passion and make your student life memorable.


Candidates who wish to join our happy-go-lucky family Hanoikids must meet these following requirements:

  • Being either of 1st, 2nd, 3rd (in a 4-year-program) or 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th (in a 5-year-program) year student; or currently being a student taking semesters between 1st and 5th ones;
  • Currently studying in Hanoi;
  • Strong and long-standing commitment and enthusiasm.


  • Round 1 (01/03 -12/03) Application form: Download SR2017 AF here or here . Deadline: 23h59’ March 12, 2017. You are advised to read the introduction part carefully before filling and sending the AF to Hanoikids.
  • Round 2 (26/03) Test and activities: Aiming at testing your general knowledge in various fields and verifying your soft skills.
  • Round 3 (01/04 – 02/04) Personal Interview: Individual meeting with our interviewers.


– All rounds of the recruitment will be conducted in English.

– Keep yourself updated with the SR2017 information by joining our Facebook event.


Join us at one of our upcoming candidate events, where you can receive useful advice from our Kids about recruitment process and get inspired by fascinating stories and games.


If you want to know more about Hanoikids Club’s activities or raise questions with Hanoikids members about our recruitment process, please register for our information seminar by clicking on IS Registration Form.


If you have any further questions, please feel free to drop us an email to

Send us a message on our Facebook fanpage

✆ Contact our hotline: 0165.235.1597 (Ms. Thu Trà –No SMS)