Hanoikids honoured at National Volunteer Award for Most Outstanding Volunteer Organization

National Volunteer Award is organized by Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union and United Nation Volunteer program to encourage and honour organizations, individuals who have outstanding contributions to volunteering for community, national development and defense.

On 7 December, the National Volunteer Awards Ceremony was held at Vietnamese Youth Academy. During the evening, 10 organizations and 10 individual volunteers were rewarded by Solidarity Committee of Youth Union and United Nation Volunteer program, for their remarkabled performances. The organizations were selected according to different criteria, such as their structure, human resources and administration, clear long term vision, performance and whether they made significant changes to society.

10 organizations rewarded by Solidarity Committee of Youth Union and United Nation Volunteer program

Hanoikids Voluntary English Club has been publicly honoured with the National Volunteer Award for providing international tourists visiting Hanoi with free tours  and contributing to boost Hanoi and Vietnam’s Tourism image.

Our bright President, she really nailed choosing the camera to look at didn’t she ?

Also on this occasion, President of Hanoikids Club, Ms. Nguyen Le Quyen, was invited as guest for the live radio show “A meeting of youth” on Voice of Hanoi. She shared her feeling about volunteer work as a travelmate and future orientation of Hanoikids Club.

quyen radio
Our president invited as guest for the live radio, sharing about the activities of Hanoikids

For more information on National Volunteer Award, please visit the official website: giaithuongtinhnguyen.vn.

The recognition is such a great motivation for Hanoikids to move forwards, doing our best to introduce our Hanoi and Vietnam!