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Hanoikids Fall Recruitment 2014

Who can give me a ticket to my childhood?
In order to be once again innocent, once again delighted in tiny things, once again curious about everything, once again discover so many wonders, every day…
We can, Hanoikids can! We Live Once, but Kid Twice.
Hanoi is our Neverland and we all are Peter Pans!
We don’t have Tinker Bell’s fairy dust, but we have our own wings – English – to fly high and far to exotic lands on the other side of the Earth, to travel back in time and learn about thousand-year-old stories about the very land under our feet.
Let’s join Hanoikids family this fall!
In order to be a kid, one more time and ever after…


[learn_more caption=”Why Hanoikids?”]

Hanoikids stands out as a place where your passion and your need for skill development meet. By choosing Hanoikids, an exceptional volunteer club in Hanoi, you will be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue your interests like English, traveling, culture discovering and so on, while contributing positively to the society. In addition, Hanoikids is not only a club, a workplace but also a second home where you can freely exchange ideas, make new friends and be part of a welcomed, creative and passionate social network.

So do not hesitate to apply and become a kid!

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[learn_more caption=”What will you do?”]

Tour operation is one of the most important activities of Hanoikids from the very first day. As a travel-mate, you will help tourists discover the history, culture and beauty of Hanoi.

What’s more you can join in Hanoikids’ departments to improve soft skills as well. Within a year, there are many amazing internal and external activities such as Career Orientation, Treasure Hunting, Spring and Summer Trip, Olymkids held by different departments for you to take part and expand your social network.

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[learn_more caption=”What can you gain?”]

Hanoikids’ concept is a win-win situation in which your efforts into taking tours are paid off by what is beyond your expectation:

  • A unique environment which boosts your English communication and satisfies your interest in discovering different cultures.
  • An insight into culture, history, cuisine… of Hanoi. You will play an ambassador’s role in delivering Hanoi’s hidden charm to foreigners.
  • Experiences in dealing with multi-cultured situations.
  • An opportunity to create a network of amazing friends from all over the world who are always willing to welcome you when you consider traveling abroad.
  • Expand your social network to students from different universities in Hanoi who share your passion and make your student life memorable





Candidates who wish to join our happy-go-lucky family Hanoikids must meet these following requirements:

  • Being either of 1st, 2nd, 3rd (in a 4-year-program) or 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th (in a 5-year-program) year student; or currently being a student taking semesters between 1st and 5th ones.
  • Currently studying in Hanoi
  • Strong and long-standing commitment and enthusiasm.


  • Round 1 (26/8 – 7/9) Application form: Download FR2104 AF at Link 1 or Link 2. You are advised to read the introduction part carefully before filling and sending the AF to Hanoikids
  • Round 2 (21/9) Test and activities: Test your general knowledge in various fields and verify your soft skills
  • Round 3 (27/9 – 28/9) Personal Interview: Individual meeting with our interviewers

– All rounds of the recruitment will be conducted in English.
– Starting from 2015, there would be only ONE recruitment event every year.
– Keep yourself updated with the FR2014 information by joining our event.



Join us at one of our upcoming candidate events, where you can talk directly to our people about English and opportunities at Hanoikids.

If you want to know more about Hanoikids Club’s activities or raise questions with Hanoikids member about our recruitment process, please register for our information seminars by clicking on IS Registration Form.

The Hanoikids Club offers this workshop for candidates who love English and want to improve their English communication skill. To sign up, please click on Workshop Registration Form.



If you have any further questions, feel free to

✉ Drop us an email to ir.hnks@gmail.com
✍ Send us a message on our Facebook fanpage
✆ Contact our hotline: 0918501683 (Ms. Huệ Linh – No SMS)