Despite my impending Finance exam, I took my time to participate in Boys’ Day of Hanoikids – a unique event that can be found almost nowhere.

Annually held on 6th April, this day is considered an occasion for Hanoikids girls to do something special toward the boy members. It is for this reason that I was so eager for the night, hopping straight to Hanoi Primary School (where the event took place) after the tour.

To my surprise, everything had been carefully prepared and scripted. After a quick snack, we went on to the main part when, almost immediately after the introduction from the MC, the whole stage turned into a court.

Why court? The idea implemented was brilliant: They accused Hanoikids boys for having been too thoughtful, funny and sweet that tempted them to bad habits (it could be love sick) and caused them traumata. The sentence to these “crimes” was to take part in the craziest games ever whose main aims were to poke fun of the participants.

Mine, fortunately, was not that weird. All I needed to do was to manipulate the ball against my partner’s body up to our mouths without manual use, which we completed in a wink of an eye.

As the evening wore on, we boys were really touched beyond words when we received the confession sheets from the girls, folded in lovely envelopes beautifully garnished with colors and patterns. They mean the world to us.

The final leg of that fantastic night was the Hanoikids President Announcement. Ms. Quyên, after 3 month effort of interning in Public Relations department, had finally been singled out from two other candidates (Vinh Tạ and Quỳnh Anh) to become an incumbent president of the club. It is a feel-good decision from the leader board which foresees a promising future for Hanoikids. Hopefully!

On behalf of the boys in Hanoikids, I would like to give a big thank to the lovely and creative girls who made our night. And these events like this are truly a catalyst that brings the members closer.

So next time if anyone ever asks you why Hanoikids a family, recount them one of those great nights.

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Written by Frank – PR Department

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