For many members of Hanoikids, though one week has already passed by since Hanoikids’ Advanced Training event took place at Thang Long Imperial Citadel,  but the colorful memories still seem vividly fresh like yesterday…


Advanced training is our club’s core event held every six months by the Training Department at a specially chosen historical or cultural site of Hanoi. This occasion not only serves as a means of widening the scope of knowledge for the “kids” to boost our confidence when taking tours, but also as an opportunity for us to catch up and tighten our bonds of friendship.

Enjoying a good time is an unwritten rule for  Hanoikids’ numerous internal events, therefore a good laugh should never fail to make a good start. The simple yet well though-out warm-up game absolutely did it justice and held everyone spellbound by having us all laugh our heads off  with its unexpected twists and surprises.

It was then time to get down to business and embark on the fundamental session: the training tour around  Thang Long Imperial Citadel. We are more than pleased to introduce to you the star of the day : Gabe a.k.a walking encyclopedia a.k.a itinerant library who is usually referred to as “The god of knowledge”. This former head of the Training Department enthusiastically arrived early in preparation for his presentation and together with another professional guide, went out of his way to give other members a memorable tour consumed with multiple pieces of information as well as a myriad of interesting anecdotes. We were deeply impressed with his profound historical understanding which unveiled the hidden stories behind the relics and excavations.


Thanks to our Training department’s strenuous efforts to create a well-designed agenda, this special event  finally taken off with flying colours. In addition to furthering our insight into Vietnamese thousand-year-old history, this breezy lovely summer day has done an excellent job to bring Hanoikids’ members closer and once again highlight our spirit: We are a big family!