On Sunday May 31st 2015, Hanoikids’ 9th birthday party was successfully held to celebrate the incredible 9-year-journey of our club. The party started roughly at 6 p.m at Bach Duong Restaurant. The room was decorated elegantly with balloons, ribbons etc. There were low-level music playing on the background and gentle lights spreading around to help brighten up the space. The girls were dressing up in stunning dresses and the boys were in suits. Having the chance to meet up with our beloved Hanoikids members, we were all enchanted by joy and talks.

The party took off with Joe’s astounding performance of ‘Thinking Out Loud’ following by a sweet ballad duet by Rinn and Sorah. Then went on was the most awaited exciting part of the night called OUABM’s mini-game (OUABM is short for Once Upon A Blue Moon, a side event of the birthday) where three couples with the highest total #OUABM-challenge scores would compete in three more tough challenges to win over the contest. They were respectively “How well do you know your partner?”, “How well do you know Hanoikids?” and “Truth Out”. No exaggeration to say all of the couples did an excellent job and occasionally brought the crowd to their feet by their cute acts or moving lines. After the final challenge, ‘Spoon – To Mi’ couple got the most number of votes and were crowned ‘Queens of the Night’ with a big round of applause from their peers.

The winner of OUABM

“What a night! It is amazing to see oldies and newbies, despite age ranges and genders, enjoying an indoor evening together. It seems like there is no distance between us. We are just one big extended family,” said Mun, a kid of FR13.

Left to right: MinhHang ( Former Vice President) – Kim Anh (President) – Dang Phuong (Vice President) – Hong Nhat (Former President)

It was also time to make an important announcement on our presidential election. As the result came out, Ms. Kim-Anh Pham Thi (staff of Public Relations Dept.) was our next president after receiving the largest number of votes cast following by Ms. Phuong Dang Thi (staff of Training Dept.) as the vice president. On behalf of the organization, former president Ms. Nhat-Hong Le warmly congratulated them on their appointment and spoke up our best wishes for their presidency as Ms. Kim-Anh and Ms. Phuong would prepare to take up the responsibilities and challenges of their high office. We are all confident that this presidential succession will lead our club to a brighter future.

All the members enjoyed Hanoikids’ 9th Birthday together

We would like to express our earnest appreciation and special thanks towards:

Bach Duong Restaurant for your great services,

Internal Relations Department for organizing us such awesome event,

And last but not least, all the attendees who made this event remarkable and memorable.

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Written by Dệp – PR Dept.[/author_info] [/author]