June is the month of scorching sun and sapphire sky. It is the same sun and sky that the very first little ambassadors of Hanoi looked upon 8 years ago. On Sunday 16th June 2014, Hanoikids gathered at the absolutely gorgeous Bach Duong restaurant to celebrate our 8th birthday.

Adorned in mesmerizing attires, a lot of Kids showed up early and instantly spread their dynamic aura throughout the venue. They could not wait a second longer to meet up, to talk and to tease each other. The whole ballroom, which was decorated with balloons, ribbons and tons of love from Internal Relations Department, resounded with hellos, laughter and gossip.

Birthday Party is a great chance for kids to meet and shoot the breeze

Afterwards, Ms. Nhat Le Thi Hong, president of Hanoikids delivered an inspirational speech, followed by the certification-awarding ceremony at which previous generations of Hanoikids were honoured for their substantial contributions to the club over the past year. Their dazzling smiles were definitely contagious. The entire room could not help but laugh along with them.


Under the dim light and enchanting melody, Hanoikids girls brought us one of the famous Imperial court dances: the fan dance. Dressing in alluring traditional Vietnamese “yếm”, they looked like colorful butterflies rejoicing and showing off their beauty to celebrate that magical night.


After the tea break, Hanoikids girls once again proved that they are not only charming but also immensely talented. A potpourri of three hip hop dances warmed up the room even more. Their hot and sexy choreography drove us crazy. We could not stop shouting and cheering for them.

The party went on with a fascinating performance of Hanoikids boys. Their melody was absolutely heart – melting.

"Tonight We are young"

Finally, the beautiful birthday cake was brought out with gently glowing candles. All Hanoikids members sang together the “Happy Birthday” song.  The faces were brightened with genuine happiness and pride. It was such a blissful and surreal moment.

“There is no party that does not come to an end.” The 8th birthday party closed off with Kids posing for uncountable pictures. Those pictures will be our precious remembrances of that magical night. Our youth will be preserved forever. We hope that our ardor will be passed down to next generations and some day, people will witness Hanoikids’ 8th Birthday.

The birthday cake

The event could not have been this memorable without the effort of the organizers. Thank you so much Internal Relations Department for getting Hanoikids together on the most special occasion of the year. Furthermore, our event would not have been so successful without the eager support of Bach Duong restaurant’s staff. And last but certainly not least, thank you all my beloved Kids for coming, having fun and be happy together on that beautiful night!

Hanoikids key member during 2007-2010

Our lovely kids

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