June is the month of little kids, and the 7th birthday of “a very special kid”- Hanoikids, was also held on a beautiful Sunday in June. On 9th June 2013, little ambassadors of Hanoi all gathered at gorgeous Venus Palace to celebrate Hanoikids 7th birthday which marked a brilliant milestone in our voluntary club history.

When the party started, an air of excitement ran through the whole venue as everyone showed up stunningly in graceful dresses and suits. Greetings, compliments and laughter filled the room because we were all eager to meet other members and to see the show carefully prepared by Internal Relations Department.

hanoikids 7th birthday

A witty and imaginative play featuring 7 Gods and The Secret Gift enveloped the theme of the whole party. Each of 7 gods, in turn, showed off their own unique talent. Despite being presented in different styles and approaches, every single performance was the gift to Hanoikids and all tickled our funny bone.

hanoikids 7th birthday: 7gods

hanoikids 7th birthday_gaby_phongtom

The mood changed as we were deeply moved by sharing of “senior oldies” about their participation in Hanoikids . Had it not been for their relentless efforts, we would not have such a wonderful club, a family like Hanoikids today.

hanoikids 7th birthday oldies share

Besides, alluring performances by Hanoikids members really gave colour to the party like a melodious song The prayers by Gấu and Cachot or vibrant ones such as Stereo hearts by Steve and Miwon and Daylight by Gaby and Back.

hanoikids 7th birthday

Moreover, two games including Heads-up and Eat fast-Tongues twist helped “kids” get to know more about other members in the club. We also burst into laughter during the games owing to tricky punishments for losing teams and funny voice of players, without interruption, saying difficult tongue twisters while their mouths were still full of food.

hanoikids 7th birthday game

The clip “Thoughts of kids about themselves and Hanoikids” really brought us a hilarious time, but at the same time reminded us of bitter-sweet moments with the club and unveiled surprising affections among members.

The next part was a glorious ceremony in which our president awarded the previous generation certifications to honor their one-year contribution to the club. We- new members, also regard this honor as a huge motivation to devote ourselves more and more to Hanoikids.

hanoikids 7th birthday cerificates

Afterwards, light was turned off and our ex-president Renz came out of the secret gift box, in the glistening glow of candles, holding the birthday cake beautifully decorated with the logo of Hanoikids and gave it to the new president as a symbol of authority and responsibility transfer. Sparkling candles also lighted up the cake given by senior oldies to share the delightful moments with us.

hanoikids 7th birthday

The speech delivered by Ms Quyen Nguyen Le- our president led us to the climax of the party, followed by all members singing and dancing together around the cake, just like near and dear ones in the same family.

hanoikids 7th birthday president speech

We, Hanoikids, have spared no effort in the last 7 years to complete our mission to BE A LITTLE AMBASSADOR OF HANOI. We hope that Hanoikids would bring a novel, appealing and insightful image of Hanoi to foreign visitors.

On behalf of all Hanoikids members, I would like to express our gratitude to “senior oldies” who are without doubt busy but came to share the joy with us. It is no wonder that we could not have these cherished memories without Internal Relations Department so thank you for holding such an amazing event.

Written by Nhột – PR Department

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