On Saturday June 17th 2017, Hanoikids’ 11th birthday with the theme: “Kids are yet to be 18” was successfully held as all members celebrated one of the most awaiting events of the year. Inspired by the unforgettable highschool times when part of our youth is made, “Kids are yet to be 18” brought the attendees back to their highschool years full of laughter, dreams and lifetime friendship.


The party kicked off with “Xe dap” – a famous Vietnamese song that would made anyone sentimentally reminisce about their highschool friendship and affection. The atmosphere was further stirred up as the audience could not take their eyes off from fascinating games as well as passionate dance performances on the stage.


Once again, we were all taken back by the elaborate, amusing and extremely hilarious play which was also the highlight of the night. The room was filled with cheers and the audience could not help burst out laughing.


Together with celebrating 11th birthday of our beloved home, Hanoikids welcomed our new President (Ms. Khanh Dao – staff of Public Relations Dept.) and Vice President (Ms. Hong Hanh Phan – staff of Training Dept.)


Speaking of the event, Ms. Khanh Dao – our new president could not be more emotional: “I am touched to see how Hanoikids has grown after all those years, and feel more than happy that our members still treasure this day no matter where they are on the globe. Although there lie many challenges ahead, with the support of all Hanoikids members, I am determined that we can strengthen Hanoikids’ position as well as relationship between members.”


We would like to express our earnest appreciation and special thanks towards:

  • Trang An Palace, 461 Nguyen Khang for your great services,
  • Internal Relations Department for organizing us such awesome event,

And last but not least, all the attendees who made this event remarkable and memorable. ♥