At last, our long awaited trip began on 28th July 2012. Being a little bit tired because of getting up early, we still hungered to start our trip. Hopping in to the bus to Thinh Long beach, we had some exciting warm up games called “Read tongue-twister sentences fast”, “Randomly connect different ideas to make sentences”. Many mis-readings in the first game and a lot of weird but funny sentences were made in the second games which burst us into laughter. Arriving in Thinh Long beach, all people were tired because of the lack of sleep after the long trip, so we settled down for lunch and a short nap.

[2012] Haithinh trip 4

In the afternoon, we strolled to the beach, posing photos, playing games, sinking in the water and waves, teasing each other and laughing. We really had tons of fun.

In the evening, we had the most awaited games called “The bosses”, in which we were separated into 3 groups, each of which had to find the bosses of the others and “kill” them while having to protect their own boss at the same time. The name of their boss was secretly delivered to each group before starting the game. To guess who were the bosses, we had some other games and the winners would have some clues about the bosses. Those games were called “Using non verbal language to describe idioms”, “Taste and guess” “Touch and guess” “Cock-fighting” and the last one “Kill the bosses”. We had very competitive, challenging but funny games. There were laughs as usual, but also a little bit “violent” and “bloody”, showing the competitive spirit of all people. But after all, we forgave all, sitting on the dyke and singing songs together. We exchanged confidences among each others, facing the sea and yelled out loud “We love Hanoikids”. What a lovely moments! The night closed with some scary stories told by our members, in our hostel with the light turned off. All people felt so scared, but because of being tired after a day full activities, we easily fell asleep.

[2012] Haithinh trip 3

We woke up a bit late in the next morning. Because of the rain and cloud, we couldn’t see the sun rising on the beach. We had a short trip to the cathedral, took some photos and came back to the hostel, passing by the pine-tree-road (which looked really awesome). Returning to our hostel, we had lunch and a short break before packing and backing to Hanoi, ending our splendid trip.

[2012] Haithinh trip 2

After the trip, we found out that we had chance to understand more, to strengthen the invisible strings connecting each others, to get acquainted between the oldies and newbies, to enjoy ourselves. Thanks to Internal Relation department (IR) for having brought us such great trip, we can’t wait for upcoming activities organized by you.

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Written by Công sờ Mông – PR Department

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