As autumn leaves begin sparkling with the gorgeous golden and red colors, the fresh recruitment for new member of Hanoikids also gets off the ground.  The highly meticulous selective process  of short-listing candidates from hundreds of application forms finally resulted in approximately 400 young enthusiastic students who was able to make it to round 2: Test and activities.

Though the sky was rather dark and cloudy, Hanoikids’ members who were eager to be supporters for round 2 still arrived very early for the thorough, holistic preparation. The supporters’ room was filled with joyous laughter of excitement and enthusiasm.


The end of the check-in procedures marks the beginning of Round 2’s first part: Test. Each student is given a general test of social, cultural and historical knowledge with three forms of questions: True or False, Multiple choice and Filling in the gap. It is designed by Training Department – the pride and joy of Hanoikids which plays a pivotal part in providing our club’s members with necessary information and problem-solving skills to go on tour. To guarantee the assessment quality, this test is highly protected and secured by the leaders of Hanoikids.  Despite its challenging questions, we deeply believe that the candidates did give it their best shot and we are happy to convey our warmest congratulations to them for their efforts.


The rather stressful 25-minute test was followed by a much more lively part: Activities! It consisted of three games: The warm-up games to bring candidates and supporters together, the city-building games for team-work challenges and the English games to give applicants the opportunity to make a presentation in English in order to test them of the linguistic skills.

Almost every room burst into continuous fits of laughter when the warm-up game kicked started. It seemed as if all candidates come here to enjoy a whale of a time, not to enter a recruitment round. The people lost in the games were punished in a really cute way: write letters with their butts-the classic punishment of all time!



The relaxing atmosphere opened up by the warm-up game did a good job in boosting the students’ spirit for the next task: building a city with given materials: several papers, a scissor, some pens, a ruler, a glue tape. From those, candidates who were divided into group of five to six people must make different houses of required sizes and put them on a map in accordance with some basic rules. The complexity of the game confused many groups at first, however, with willing support from Hanoikids’ members in each team, generally the students co-operated smoothly with their teammates and let’s check out some magnificent outcomes here:



From a circle and a straight line given on an A0 paper, a team of five to six students has to discuss together to present a drawing with the main theme: Kid. No other rules are laid out here, so that candidates can wildly exercise their vivid imagination and be creative to their hearts’ content. This year, the talented applicants totally blew our minds away with the amazing ideas they came up with. A “wow” could hardly describe the way we were impressed by these one-of-a-kind presentations.


The day wore on so fast, round two of Hanoikids Fall Recruitment 2014 was finally brought to an end. Like in any other competition and selection process, there would be smiles of success and regrets of a missed opportunity. However, we hope that all the candidates have had a nice time with the newly met friends and Hanoikids’ members and we wish you all the best with the future. For candidates who passed round 2, congratulations! We can not wait to see you soon for the interview, in other words and to be more exact, a nice conversation to get to know you better. Hanoikids family is awaiting you.


[author] [author_image timthumb=’on’][/author_image] [author_info]Written by Xẻo Xẻo – PR Dept.[/author_info] [/author]