From 27/8 to 9/9, Hanoikids Fall Recruitment 2012 officially began with breathtaking and competitive round 1: Application Form (AF)

This round, out of our expectation, fueled Hanoi student community and spread to all corners of the far-flung city. As a result, we received a sizable number of AFs from students from all over Hanoi. Comparing to those last year, the number of candidate soars by roughly 15 per cent, reflecting the prestige and potential prospects of the club. The surging number of AFs amounts to chance to become “little ambassadors of Hanoi” being seized by more students. Yet, it signals the enormous challenges waiting in the two rounds ahead. To the majority of the candidates, it is even considered more arduous to join the club than to take the national entrance exam.

“ We are happy to be welcomed by the public and that Hanoikids has step by step become one of the flagship clubs in Hanoi. For this Recruitment, the huge increase in applicants results from the constant efforts by PR Department and all members of Hanoikids as well.” said Ms. Duong Nhat Anh, head of PR Dept during the PR meeting “Our ultimate goal, however, is to select the most suitable students for the club and this responsibility is now shouldered on IR Dept.”

The result for Round 1 is set to announce on 19th September 2012. Congratulate to all candidates on making your “life-changing” decision. Believe me, it is not of a hype !

Stay tuned y’all

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Written by Frank – PR Department