Sincerely thanks to Hanoi Elegance Hotel Group without whose sponsorship Hanoikids would not have able to hold such a successful Recruitment Season this year.

Hanoikids’ Fall Recruitment 2012 has gone half its way smoothly and quickly. It must have been a great luck for those who passed Round1 (Application Form Screening) and were qualified enough to participate in the Second Round 2 held on 23rd, Sept, 2012 at To Hoang Primary School. Although we did ask the candidates to come 15 minutes earlier for check-in, many of them appeared half an hour before starting time. Not a single one could hide their worry and anxiety.

Round 2 was divided into two shifts: morning and afternoon. Each shift included two parts, through which we can test whether a candidates is qualified for Hanoikids or not. In order to hold all the candidates, we had to rent 7 rooms with about 25 seats each. Both in the morning and afternoon, there was an enthusiastic supporter force, Hanoikids’ official members, helping the organizers and candidates. These supporters were appointed to different Rooms to help candidates and most important thing is to observe and evaluate their skills as well as their attitude. First, all candidates took a 50-question test with different kinds of questions such as: True or False, Short Answer, Multiple Choice Question… These questions covered knowledge of Vietnamese History, Culture and Society as well as the world culture. According to most of Hanoikids’ members, this season’s question is much more difficult than the last season. Therefore, it required our candidates to have a broad knowledge in different fields.

hanoikids fall 2012 round 2
The candidates concentrated on taking the test.

The second part was “Activities” in which candidates had a great time participating in our interesting games. Through these games, candidates must show their leadership potential, creativity, team-work ability…

hanoikids fall 2012 round 2
The group was telling a story based on some given images

At the end of the shifts, the entire examiners would get together and gave their decision whether a candidate was qualified enough to attend the last round, the Interview Round on 29 and 30 September.

hanoikids fall 2012 round 2