Following the success of “Culture Puzzle 1: Cold Food Festival”, Hanoikids decided to organize the second workshop with “Vietnamese traditional toy” (To He) as the main theme. Although To He was once a very common handmade toy for children, it is now losing popularity compared to other modern recreations.

It was a very hot and humid summer afternoon but many participants including foreign tourists and Vietnamese students still came up very early before the event began and Old Quarter’s Cultural exchange Center was a perfect place for the workshop on that day.


Miss Galia from Israel shared her excitement about To He: “To He is very similar to our toy in Israel – my country. All the kids around the world play the same games but with different names. So you call it “To He”, we call it “Little doll” “.

After the greeting from two lovely MCs, all guests were divided into 5 different groups. Through the first warm-up game and the introduction video, everybody in the hall get to know what To He really is. The speaker then gave detailed information about its origin and the village that made this folk toy. Hanoikids was very honoured to have artisans from Xuan La village joined the event and showed everyone how to make these colorful figures.


Two small games were prepared to help people remember facts of To He. Following the careful instructions from the craftsman and with the help from supporters, all guests started to create a To He for their own. The last game was to display all the toy figures from each group. Which group had a better story with these toys would be the winner.

In the end, no matter how the final products may look, everyone in the room seemed really enjoyable when making To He, especially the kids.

The success of this Culture Puzzle gave Hanoikids’ team more motivations for the upcoming workshop.