Since the establishment of Culture Puzzle, Hanoikids has chosen it as the primary external activity for the organization in the hope of helping foreigners and students get to know more about Vietnamese culture and customs.Has been held successfully in April and July, Culture Puzzle Workshop has attracted a lot of attention and recognition from the public. Coming back this time with a new theme that seems really outstanding, “Culture Puzzle 3: Vietnamese Betel and Areca Culture” has offered such a lifetime experience to all the guests appearing in IAcA cafe that night.


After the brief introduction from two lovely MCs, everyone had a chance to get accustomed to each other by playing some warm-up games. This time, to add more surprises, a role play was set up: a girl travelled through time to the workshop from the video about a future without Betel and Areca custom. She then joined together on the stage with Ms. Huyen Anh – one of the most excellent members of Hanoikids, who gave a very informative presentation about this wonderful custom helping people to understand what Betel and Areca Culture really are.

With an overall view about Betel and Areca chewing custom including its origin, its important role and its preparation, all the teams then took part in a Quizz game to recall some information from Ms. Huyen Anh’s talk.

The 2nd game involved more hands-on experience for the guests, after watching a video showing the process of making Betel quids, each group was provided materials and equipments needed to create their own Phoenix-wing-style Betel quids. People seemed really happy and exciting while making this. Some guests even tried to eat betel quids despite of its strong smell.


No matter how the final products may look, everybody in the room was very enjoyable and had a memorable experience. A thousand-year-old custom is now spread to more and more people all over the world. This will still be our motivations to organize a better Culture Puzzle next year.