Information Seminar is a Hanoikids’ annual event, starting the club’s recruitment season. Attending the seminar, candidates will have opportunities to understand profoundly about Hanoikids, and have their questions answered by the Internal Relations Department of which main duty is to recruit new members for the Club every year.

The seminar started at 6p.m. with the attendance of more than 140 students, who concern about Hanoikids. The number is really amazing to all Hanoikids members attending that day!

0613_[2012] Fallrecruitment IS1 1
A great number of students joined the seminar
Before the seminar officially begun, attendees were invited to play an ice-breaking game in order to warm up the atmosphere. The game required the player to use their body language to illustrate the word to the others in their own team, and it really made the room much warmer with the excited laughing from the audiences.

0613_[2012] Fallrecruitment IS1 2
Candidates invited to join some fun games during the seminar
Then came the main part of the Seminar. Information about Hanoikids, from the past to the present, the achievements of generations of Kids was introduced to audiences. The culture and spirit of Hanoikids in general and members in particular were brought to participants in a simple way but full of emotions, which can help Kids-wanna-be decide whether Hanoikids is their right choice for part of their student life.

After that, coming one of the most interesting parts in the Seminar – Guest Talk with Ms. Thuy Linh, Hanoikids’ former president and Mr. Roman, a professional tour guide, as well as a very close friend of Hanoikids.

Mr. Roman, a close friend of Hanoikids

In the last part of the Seminar, some information about Hanoikids Fall Recruitment 2012 was announced. Candidates raised some questions to the representative of Internal Relations Department (IR), Ms. Khanh Linh.

Hanoikids’ Information Seminar 1 was so successful and received a lot of good reviews from the attendees.

Thanks to the Elegance Group, the Exclusive Sponsor of Hanoikids Fall Recruitment 2012 and Lena Culture Center for supporting the Club with the Venue, Hanoikids was able to hold such a successful Seminar, signaling for a spectacular Recruitment Season.

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