Fall Recruiment 2013 – How to join us

Annually, we have two recruitment projects in Spring (around February and March) and Fall (around August and September).



Candidates who wish to join our happy-go-lucky family Hanoikids must meet these following requirements:

  • For Spring Recruitment: Being either of 1st, 2nd (in a 4-year-program) or 3th (in a 5-year-program) year student; or currently being a student taking semesters between 1st and 4th ones.
  • For Fall Recruitment: Being either of 1st, 2nd, 3rd (in a 4-year-program) or 4th (in a 5-year-program) year student; or currently being a student taking semesters between 1st and 5th ones.
  • Strong and long-standing commitment and enthusiasm.
  • Intermediate level of English.


Hanoikids’ concept is a win-win situation in which your efforts into taking tours are paid off by what is beyond your expectation:

  • A like-no-other environment which  boosts your English communication and satisfies your interest in different cultures.
  • An opportunity to create a network of amazing friends from all over the world who are always willing to welcome you when you consider traveling abroad.
  • An insight into culture, history, cuisine… of Hanoi. You will play an ambassador’s role in delivering Hanoi’s hidden charm to foreigners.
  • Experiences in dealing with multi-cultured situations.


  • Round 1 (26/8 – 7/9) Application form: Download the AF and guideline here
  • Round 2 (22/9) Test and activities: Test your general knowledge in various fields and verify your soft skills
  • Round 3 (29/9 – 30/9) Interview: Individual meeting with our interviewers

Want to understand our recruitment processes better? Check out the reports from Spring Recruitment 2013

If you want to know more about Hanoikids Club’s activities or raise questions with Hanoikids member about our recruitment process, please register for our information seminars by filling in this form.

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