On the foundations of the previous projects including “Pieces of Culture” and “The Journey 1750”, Hanoikids is proud to present a brand new series named Culture Puzzle!

“Culture Puzzle” is a series of cultural events held by Hanoikids Voluntary English Club with purposes of helping foreigners in Vietnam understand more about our own cultural beauty and creating a proactive environment for young Vietnamese to interact with foreigners.

If you are in Hanoi on January 15, do not miss the chance to participate in our intriguing event  Culture Puzzle 4: Li xi (Lunar new year Traditional custom of blessing exchange)
At the fourth Culture puzzle: Li xi, you will get the unique chance to:
(1) Get to know about Li xi – the traditional custom of blessing exchange on Lunar new year.
(2) Gain actual experiences of making Li xi.
(3) Interact with Vietnamese students through exciting activities.

Time: Sunday 18:00, January 15, 2016.
Venue: Toong coworking space – No. 8 Trang Thi, Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi.

Participation fee:
– $2/person
– $1/student (valid student card required)
This fee covers the cost of necessary ingredients as well as beverage for the participants.

Check out the video of Culture puzzle 1 – our first event of this cultural series for more information and understanding about Culture Puzzle:

If you are interested, please fill in THIS FORM to register.

☎ Fanpage: facebook.com/hanoikids.org
☎ Event: https://goo.gl/wRwBIJ
☎ Hotline: 0965 939 418 (Ms. Hong Hanh)
☎ Email: hanoikids.culturepuzzle@gmail.com