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The Journey 1750” is a cultural project held by Hanoikids Voluntary English Club with a view to sparking the young people’s thirst for more knowledge of Vietnamese traditions in general and Hanoi culture in particular. This year, the program focally revolves around the main theme “Hanoi culture”.

Its format is inspired by Amazing show – a world-famous reality show and Running man – a Korean variety show which has taken Asia by storm in the last few years. All the five-people teams will take turn to solve different quizzes, conquer the given challenges and complete their mission in each station which spread out through the whole area of the Old quarter.

This serves as a golden chance for the youngsters to learn about Hanoi culture from a lively and multi-dimensional perspective. Hanoikids sincerely hopes that “Journey 1750” can also pave the path for young people all over Hanoi to exchange novel ideas, cultural experience and together lay the stepping stones towards warm, sincere friendships.



– Piquing young generation’s interests in learning more about traditional culture

– Facilitating young people in cherishing and appreciating Hanoi’s cultural beauty

– Providing an opportunity for young people to meet up as well as exchange ideas and knowledge

– Expanding the club’s activity scope



1. Participants’ benefits

– The prizes’ total value up to 10.000.000 VND

– Enhancing knowledge of Hanoi and our country’s culture, history together with other unique aspects

– Taking part in challenging games and intriguing activities

– Meeting up with enthusiastic, proactive from all over Hanoi

– Receiving certificate of participation from the organizing committee.

 2. Participants:

The program welcomes students from all high schools, colleges and universities who are proactive, bursting with a thirst for more adventure and currently living and studying in Hanoi.

 3. Time and venue

– Time: 29/03/2015

– Venue: Hanoi’s old quarter

4. Registration

– Each team consists of 5 students

Supporting group to find team members:ìm_đồng_đội

– Registration link:đơn_đăng_ký_ht1750

– Registration time: 01/03 – 12/03/2015

– In order to participate as a team:

✎ Each team has to fill out a form with all the necessary information required by the organizing board.

✎ Besides, each team needs to send a picture of its five members (either picture with the whole team or composite picture is accepted) enclosed with a concise and fun description of it.

✎ After the organizing committee puts the teams’ pictures and captions on the event’s fanpage, the teams will call for their friends’ support by clicking the “like” button and sharing the photo in public mode.

✎ Picture-posting time: 04/03 – 15/03/2015

10 most-supported teams will be invited to join the official event on 29/03/2015

✎ Announcement for ten official teams: 16/03/2015

5. Prizes

– First prize: 1.500.000 VNĐ + gifts

– Second prize 1.000.000 VNĐ + gifts

– Third prize: 500.000 VNĐ + gifts

– Other teams: The organizing committee’s souvenirs

6. Contact:

– Hotline: Ms. Minh Hằng (0164.660.9993)

– Email:

– Fanpage:



Hanoikids, established in May 2006, is a volunteer enlish club founded and administrated by student from various universities in Hanoi. The club’s vision is to provide students opportunities to hone their English`s skills through guiding foreign tourists around Hanoi. Hence, each member of our club not only has a favourable environment but also actively contribute to the development of Vietnam tourism image and encourage Vietnamese youth’s cultural values learning and preserving spirit.