Tea & Lemon tea – A piece of culture

Unlike many countries where street drinking is illegal, Vietnam has its own street drinking culture.

4 things you should know about Hanoi summer – Summer Milkshake #1

The look of summer here in Hanoi is beautiful. The feel of it, however, is a different story. Here are the 4 facts about Hanoi’s summer that you should know before you come to Vietnam.

3 Hanoi summer fruits along the streets – Summer Milkshake #3

Coming to Vietnam, an agricultural producing country, means that you will have a chance to taste plenty of fruits. And if you are coming to Hanoi, congratulations, you will soon be in the heart of a fruit land! As Hanoi is the capital city, most kinds of specialties from different provinces can be found here. In this Milkshake #3, continuing to help you get through July and August, we will show you three very common, delicious, healthy and cooling Hanoi summer fruits. Let’s start with lychee.


Public holiday in Vietnam

Every nation has its own public holidays and celebrations all year round, to which Vietnam is no exception. The most interesting things about these holidays are that they are held in various forms and for various purposes.

Vietnam’s most beautiful stream in autumn

The poetic beauty of Yen stream in autumn can melt the hearts of any photographer and tourist. This is the perfect place to go on a quiet autumn day in the outskirts of Hanoi.

Yen stream is packed during springtime when hundreds of visitors travel here to enjoy the sacred atmosphere of the famous Perfume Pagoda festival. It is the only water way to reach Huong Pagoda. Tourists usually spend an hour on the stream before reaching Chua Huong. The stream itself is not too lengthy but is long enough to attract travelers.

Vegetarian Restaurants in Hanoi

Though we would not go so far as to categorize Hanoi as a giant heaven for vegetarians, the city does offer amazing lovely treats for those who have a soft spot for veggies

Vietnam to put railway e-ticket system into use on September 1

Railway passengers in Vietnam will be able to buy tickets through an online ticketing system that will begin operating at 2:00 am on September 1, the Vietnam Railways Corporation (VRC) said on Wednesday.

Through this e-system, passengers can book seats, buy and print tickets, pay for their tickets and receive e-invoices anywhere and anytime, without having to visit a railway station, the VRC said.

Passengers can carry out all the above steps on the websites www.dsvn.vn, www.vietnamrailway.vn or www.vetau.com.vn.

Specifically, after passengers complete their online ticket booking and payment, they will have all the related information transmitted to their