Banh Mi – Vietnamese iconic street food

No street food list can be completed without the name of Banh mi. It started out as a colonial novelty during the French colonization in Vietnam, became a nationwide favorite and now gain fame...


Egg coffee - The coffee cup is usually placed in a bowl of hot water to keep its temperature The term egg-coffee may seem odd to many people. Coming to Hanoi, it is definite not;...

Banh mi – The best sandwich in the world

For both locals and expats, all probably has learned about Banh mi (Bánh mì) – the pride of Vietnamese cuisine that has recently surged in popularity worldwide.

Hoa quả dầm – A fruit-buffet dessert

On a normal sunny day in Hanoi , there is nothing better than a dish of Hoa Qua Dam. This dish is a part of a drink,  part of a dessert , but there’s...

Egg coffee – The special Vietnamese cappuccino

Egg and honey? Maybe. But egg and coffee? Sounds kinda odd!?! Who could know eggs and coffee can be such a perfect couple to make up a Vietnamese traditional cappuccino – ‘egg coffee’!