Advanced Training At Vietnam Military History Museum

Beside the elementary training after each recruitment, Hanoikids organizes advanced training sessions annually to help our members develop their knowledge and skills to satisfy the increasingly demand for discovery of tourists to Hanoi.

An advanced training with Hanoikids

It was a fine day for over 30 members of Hanoikids to take part in the advanced training course hosted by Training Department. After 45 minutes on the bus No.47, we arrived at Bat Trang handicraft village, and were eager to get started with our “tour”.

Bat Trang is a pottery village in Gia Lam, Ha Noi.

Kids’ Got Talent – Hanoikids Newbie Graduation Ceremony

Have you ever watched a Got's Talent show on TV? How do you feel if you can sit at audience venue and enjoy the show live?! Excited and amused for sure. That's  many Hanoikids olides' feelings when they join Kids’ Got Talent every recruitment. And the Fall Recruitment 2013 Kids’ Got Talent brought us many things beyond description.

Kids’ Got Talent is the Graduation Ceremony for our ‘newbies’ after their 2-month Basic training course.