On my way to becoming a kid

Today I want to tell you how much Hanoikids means to me.
I have been living in Hanoi since August 2013 for university. Before that, I used not to be interested in Hanoi, and rarely came here. To me, Hanoi was a city of crowdedness, competitiveness, which is totally not for someone who was reserved and spent most of her day staying indoors. But I was surprised by myself at how quickly I adapted to life here. I made lots of new friends, started to go out more often and became more daring.

Kids’ Got Talent – Hanoikids Newbie Graduation Ceremony

Have you ever watched a Got's Talent show on TV? How do you feel if you can sit at audience venue and enjoy the show live?! Excited and amused for sure. That's  many Hanoikids olides' feelings when they join Kids’ Got Talent every recruitment. And the Fall Recruitment 2013 Kids’ Got Talent brought us many things beyond description.

Kids’ Got Talent is the Graduation Ceremony for our ‘newbies’ after their 2-month Basic training course.

“Hanoikids came into my life…”

Capsule It Up Contest FR2014
Writer: Le Minh Trang - Group 1
Has it ever occurred to you the moment when you just stood back in the course of time, looked at the people around you and everything just suddenly froze up or slow-motioned itself, when you zoned out of the conversation and just really looked at them, knew that they are really here, happy, fun, chatting, laughing, with you and realized that never before have you felt so ... alive?
I hadn't.

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