Dự án văn hóa “Hành trình 1750”

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"Hành trình 1750” là sự kiện văn hóa được tổ chức bởi câu lạc bộ tiếng Anh tình nguyện Hanoikids với mục đích khơi gợi sự hứng thú tìm tòi văn hóa dân tộc nói chung  và văn hóa Hà Nội nói riêng trong giới trẻ.  Chương trình năm 2015 lần này sẽ hướng về chủ đề " Văn hóa Hà Nội".
Cuộc chơi được xây dựng dựa theo format của chương trình truyền hình thực tế Amazing

Reunion day 2014 – Baby, it’s cold outside!

Hanoi is very cold now, right? Yes, but Hanoikids’ members do not feel cold anymore! Since ‘Reunion day’ which was held at night in 28th December 2014 has warmed us up by bringing us back home.
Our last event in the year 2014 has closed down the whole length of road that Hanoikids’s members had walked through together and opened up a stage ahead for us to go. Reunion day made a great chance for every kid to come back to our lovely home.

“Hanoikids came into my life…”

Capsule It Up Contest FR2014
Writer: Le Minh Trang - Group 1
Has it ever occurred to you the moment when you just stood back in the course of time, looked at the people around you and everything just suddenly froze up or slow-motioned itself, when you zoned out of the conversation and just really looked at them, knew that they are really here, happy, fun, chatting, laughing, with you and realized that never before have you felt so ... alive?
I hadn't.

[Photo] Capsule It Up Contest FR2014

With every training course, CAPSULE IT UP CONTEST has been a popular place for Hanoikids's newbies to share their thoughts and experiences about their training course as well as their first trial tours.

FR2014 Round 3 Report and Final Results

"I went there quite early, enough to see all the backstage work. I saw the members fighting each other for candies, which looked pretty fun, and they soon went back to normal stage as they saw me. Such moment is what I desire when applying for the club"

"Honestly being here brings back a lot of memories. I remember myself 6 months ago coming here as a candidate, now as an interviewer.

FR2014 – Round 2 Report

As autumn leaves begin sparkling with the gorgeous golden and red colors, the fresh recruitment for new member of Hanoikids also gets off the ground.  The highly meticulous selective process  of short-listing candidates from hundreds of application forms finally resulted in approximately 400 young enthusiastic students who was able to make it to round 2: Test and activities.

Though the sky was rather dark and cloudy, Hanoikids’ members who were eager to be supporters for round 2 still arrived very early for the thorough, holistic preparation.

Freshmen “stepped into the heart of the capital city” with Hanoikids

Hanoi, as we know it, is the capital city of Vietnam. Not only is it the administrative center of the whole country, it is also an educational and cultural center where many universities base. Thats's why, it is not a surprise that each year Hanoi welcomes thousands of freshmen from many regions across the country to begin their new life as a student
But, not all who live in Hanoi now all about Hanoi.