As a farewell to the summer vacation and also a greeting to our new school semester, Hanoikids members warmly welcomed Breezy Summer, a Hanoikids’s self-performing music show organized by Internal Relations (IR) Department.

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Starting at 7 p.m. 12/8/2012, the show included a competition among 10 registered-in-advance songs, a game with some funny songs and some sudden inspiration performances from the audiences. The main part of Breezy Summer was the competition among 10 stage shows, in which the audience would be the judges. The result was based on the votes of the audience, and the most voted “artist” would be the winner. Here’s the top ten:

  1. We are young – Frankie
  2. To make you feel my love – Trần Anh Đại Ja
  3. The boys – Hạnh Minh (Abi)
  4. Bản tình ca đầu tiên – HKT
  5. Tóc hét – Sen & Cóc
  6. Chỉ anh hiểu em, Suy nghĩ trong anh – Leo & STREET
  7. Con thuyền ước mơ – Gấu (Sea Bear) & SM (Maximillian)
  8. Way back into love – Lố (Ridiculous) & SanT (Pearl)
  9. Jar of hearts – Gấu (Sea Bear) & Stacie
  10. My happy ending – Sâu

And the first prize was granted to… Ms. Stacie with the song “Jar of hearts”. Congratulations!!!

Alternating with the main performances, there was a small exciting game which was temporarily called: “Confusing music style”. The rule of the game was: the audiences would be separated into 3 groups, each of which had to remix a randomly given song with the music genre assignedby the organizers. 3 given songs and styles were:

  1. Bèo dạt mây trôi in rock style
  2. Nơi tình yêu bắt đầu in Cailuong style
  3. Lạnh in Quanho style

All of them were the mixture between Vietnamese traditional folk music style and modern song, pointing at making the performance as humorous as possible. At the end of the show, there were some performances of the oldies from the club, wrapping up the very last activity of Hanoikids in summer.

The show was really a chance for all the members to enjoy themselves, have fun and recharge our energy before starting a new semester. The appearance of both current and former members did make the show itself like a reunion of members of generations. Breezy Summer was a special event for Hanoikids members not only to strengthen our bones among current members, but also to enhance the linkage between Hanoikids’ generations.

Special thanks to Internal Relations Department for having holding such a meaningful yet funny event ever like this!

Big hug to Kids News Channel Project for a great video!

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Written by Công sờ Mông – PR Department

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