It was a fine day for over 30 members of Hanoikids to take part in the advanced training course hosted by Training Department. After 45 minutes on the bus No.47, we arrived at Bat Trang handicraft village, and were eager to get started with our “tour”.

[2012] Advanced Training 1

Bat Trang is a pottery village in Gia Lam, Ha Noi. This small area through many years has become famous for its ceramic products not only in Vietnam but in other countries as well.

According to old stories, the first man to find this area in 14th – 15th century came from ThanhHoa province. Since then, he and other immigrants had developed the handicraft career. Ceramic wares of Bat Trang together with other ceramic villages were distributed to not only many areas in Vietnam but also other countries in South East Asia as well as some Asian countries such as China and Japan. By the end of the 17th century, a limited trade policy to other countries was applied, which put the village in a difficult situation. However, its products were still widely used throughout the country. Since 2000, Bat Trang’s cottage industry has been revived with the open-market economy. Nowadays, Bat Trang isknown as both a ceramic village and a destination for tourism. People go to Bat Trangto discover the pottery making-process by experiencing themselves, to discover the historical stories, and enjoy simple yet delicious Vietnamese cuisine.

What made our Advanced Training course an invaluable experience was the enthusiastic guidance of a hospitable local man called Nguyen Van Huong. Despite of his old age, he insisted on spending the whole morning with us. First, we headed to the Bat Trang temple. Then, the old man led us to the communal house and Bat Trang pagoda where he shared interesting stories and showed us many unique things in Bat Trang. The views and the stories was so fantastic that all we coud do was to utter “wow” and “amazing”!

[2012] Advanced Training 2

During the advanced training course, we played some games organized by Training Department to help us understand deeply about the tradition of Bat Trang village. We did a crossword at the communal house’s yard and played a clay-shaping game in a ceramic mill. They were all fantastic and it took us a lot of time to find out the winner.

[2012] Advanced Training 3

Thanks to the Training course in Bat Trang, we, Hanoikids members, gradually discovered the hidden charm of this beautiful place with the old quarters, the ancient houses, thepeaceful view of the Red River, the lovely cuisines as well as the history of Bat Trang. Moreover, we are now more confident to travel with our beloved guests to this wonderful Bat Trang village!

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