A Hanoikids member savagely murdered at school X. No evidence found on the scene. Everything hit an impasse. A series of paranormal consequence followed- windows rattle, light bulbs dangle, peculiar noises heard. Rumor has it the school was haunted. The curse will never be broken until the root of evil is revealed.

Come on, take it easy! Above is simply a plot constructed by IR Department to orient the Halloween party last Sunday, on 4th Nov. The event was absolutely worth our weekend’s night.


At 6.30 pm, everybody clustered at Kim Lien high school, uniformed in Black, Red and White as informed before. No longer “little ambassadors of Hanoi”, we were there to find the truth. Some gorgeous in elite dresses, some made up like Exorcists, Vampires, some dressed up in creepy costumes. The hall room was decorated with mischievous evil-smile pumpkins, grim figureheads, bloody-print coats, blended with the starless pitch-black sky of the gloomy day. The mournful night wind’s breath quivered the tree leaves, as if to warn the party would not forgive the weak pounding hearts.

After some minutes check-in procedures when each kid was delivered a card indicating their group, the anticipated party began with the introductory film. The video dropped us some early hints to find the culprit who murdered the bad-luck girl (in the plot). Each group then took part in a thrilling journey arranged by IR members, made up of four mini games. During each game, more clues were gleaned and our job was to piece these clues to find the final murderer. The one I found most interesting was the third game, in which we took turn to blow off the wheat flour to find the well-hid candy below; as the result, flour sprang up all over our faces, our mouths, our noses and we all looked like scary fierce snow monsters.


Alternating with the main performances, there was a small exciting game which was temporarily called: “Confusing The last hint said: “What is cheap yet very expensive” To our surprise, the hint led us to the astonishing truth that one never expected: It was the banana peel that killed the girl (again, in the pilot). Consistently, the lesson drawn was never to litter on the streets and at school. Even more consistent when the winners were granted a bunch of banana. How fun!

The event really lived up to what was promoted earlier. Once again, IR members strike us dumb with their creativity and talents. They prove that beside our excellence at doing tour, we can do more than that, much more to become a big family.

Written by Frankie on November 5th, 2012
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Written by Frank – PR Department
Photo: Hanoikids

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